Religion Experts


Mark Hulsether

Professor of Religious Studies

Mark Hulsether’s writing and teaching explores the interplay among religion, culture, and society in US history.

Shannen Dee Williams

Assistant Professor of History

Shannen Dee Williams is an expert on African-American, Catholic, civil rights, women’s, and black religious history, as well as twentieth-century U.S. social movements. She frequently lectures on the long and rich history of black Catholic nuns in the Atlantic world.

Luke Harlow

Associate Professor of History

Luke Harlow is an expert in the history of the American Civil War and Reconstruction, slavery and emancipation, and religion and politics in the United States.

Erin Darby

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Erin Darby is an assistant professor of religious studies, focusing on Early Judaism and the Hebrew Bible. She is an expert in the Hebrew Bible, ancient Near Eastern archaeology, and ancient Mediterranean religions.

Rosalind Hackett

Professor and Head of the Department of Religious Studies

Rosalind Hackett studies the religions of Africa (especially Pentecostalism), works extensively in Nigeria, and publishes on Muslim-Christian conflict.

Robert Bast

Associate Professor of History

Robert Bast specializes in the study of religious reform movements in late medieval and early modern Europe, with an emphasis on the German Reformation.