Humanities & Social Science Experts

Dawnie Steadman

Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Forensic Anthropology Center

Dawnie Steadman is a professor of anthropology who specializes in forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, and human rights investigations.

Adam Cureton

Assistant Professor in Philosophy

Adam Cureton is interested in ethics, with an emphasis on moral, political, and legal issues related to persons with disabilities.

Derek Alderman


Derek Alderman is an expert in cultural and historical geography, specifically related to public memory, heritage tourism, the civil rights movement, and African-American history.

David Reidy

Professor of Philosophy, Adjunct Professor of Political Science

David Reidy is a professor of philosophy whose work focuses on political philosophy and human rights.

John Nolt

Professor of Philosophy, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Philosophy

John Nolt divides his teaching and research between logic and environmental ethics.