Humanities & Social Science Experts

Solange Munoz

Solange Muñoz

Assistant Professor

Solange Muñoz’s research interests are concerned with political, economic, and socio-spatial processes of marginalization and contestation.

Michelle Christian

Assistant Professor

Michelle Christian studies global political economy through a critical race framework with an emphasis on work and labor.

Maria Stehle

Associate Professor

Maria Stehle specializes in German and European cultural studies, gender and media studies, and cultural histories of Germany since 1945.

Cat Shteynberg

Assistant Director, Curator, Head of Web and Media for the McClung Museum of Natural History

Cat Shteynberg has worked for over ten years in curatorial, digital storytelling, social media, and research positions in major national archives and national and academic museums.

Jon Shefner

Department Head, Professor

Jon Shefner’s research focuses on Latin America and globalization, as well as global austerity. His recent research focuses on the green economy and community engagement.

Victor Ray

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Victor Ray’s research interests include race and ethnicity, gender and discrimination.

De Ann Pendry

Senior Lecturer, Adjunct Assistant Professor

De Ann Pendry’s research focuses on immigration history and politics.

Asafa Jalata


Asafa Jalata is interested in racial and ethnic studies, global studies, and human rights.

Harry F. Dahms

Associate Professor of Sociology

Harry F. Dahms, associate professor of sociology, is interested in classical, contemporary and critical theory; economic sociology; history of ideas; comparative sociology; and sociology and science fiction film with special focus on The Matrix Trilogy.

Micheline van Riemsdijk

Associate Professor of Geography

Micheline van Riemsdijk studies international skilled migration. Her work investigates questions of belonging and exclusion, barriers to the free movement of skilled labor, the restructuring of skilled labor markets, and the lived experiences of skilled migrants.