History Experts

Monica Black

Monica Black

Associate Professor of History

Monica Black is a historian of modern Europe and modern Germany, Nazism, and the post-WWII era.

Bob Hutton

Bob Hutton

Senior Lecturer of History

Bob Hutton is a senior lecturer in history and researcher with expertise in the history of the American South and Appalachia, with particular emphasis on subjects relating to labor, politics, and government.

Robert J. Norrell

Professor of History, Bernadotte Schmitt Chair of Excellence

Robert J. Norrell is a historian of American race relations and the South.

Luke Harlow

Associate Professor of History

Luke Harlow is an expert in the history of the American Civil War and Reconstruction, slavery and emancipation, and religion and politics in the United States.

Michael David Cohen

Research Associate Professor, Editor of the Correspondence of James K. Polk

Michael David Cohen is a historian and documentary editor with expertise in nineteenth-century U.S. politics and education. He serves as editor of the Correspondence of James K. Polk, a project that has published twelve volumes of the eleventh’s president’s letters.

Rob Heller

Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media

Rob Heller, professor of journalism and electronic media, is an expert in photography and graphic design.

Michael Lofaro

Professor of English

Michael Lofaro is an expert on James Agee, Daniel Boone, and Davy Crockett whose work has been featured on the Today Show, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, the History Channel, and A&E.

Dan Feller

Professor of History

Dan Feller is a professor of history whose interests encompass mid-nineteenth-century America as a whole, with special attention to Jacksonian politics and the coming of the Civil War.

Ernest Freeberg

Professor of History

Ernest Freeberg is a professor of history whose teaching and research interests center on the cultural and intellectual history of the United States in the 19th and early 20th century.