Health & Wellness Experts

Lisa Lindley

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Lisa Lindley’s research focuses on health services and policy with expertise in pediatric end-of-life care.

Sadie Hutson

Associate Professor of Nursing

Sadie Hutson investigates the social and cultural consequences of living with chronic illness in a rural and often underserved region.

Nan Gaylord

Associate Professor of Nursing

Nan Gaylord is an expert in pediatric nursing and has an interest in increasing children’s access to health care.

Kristina Gordon

Professor, Associate Director of Clinical Training

Kristina Gordon’s research focuses on the area of couple therapy and identifying the processes through which partners cope with relationship trauma and forgiveness.

Amadou Sall


Amadou Sall is a lecturer in the Department of Africana Studies with expertise in minority student success, war, violence and AIDS, and study abroad transformations.

Mary Lynn Brown

Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing

Mary Lynn Brown teaches nursing students how to care for patients in shock and those with cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular diseases.

Gary McCracken

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Director of the Center for Environmental Biotechnology

Gary McCracken researches population biology, molecular ecology, animal behavior, conservation biology, and the ecology of infectious diseases.

Elizabeth Avery Foster

Elizabeth Avery Foster

Associate Professor of Public Relations

Elizabeth Avery Foster, an associate professor of public relations, focuses on political and public health campaigns and crisis communications.

Sherry Cummings

Professor of Social Work

Sherry Cummings is a professor of social work whose research focuses on the social, biological, and psychological aspects of aging.

Terri Combs-Orme

The Urban Child Institute Endowed Professor

Terri Combs-Orme is the Urban Child Institute Endowed Professor in the College of Social Work. Her research focuses on the needs of disadvantaged children and families.