Health & Wellness Experts

Lee Murphy

Registered Dietitian, Instructor of Nutrition

Lee Murphy is a nutrition instructor with expertise in wellness, public health nutrition, and weight loss.

Songning Zhang

Director of Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Laboratory, Asscoiate Professor of Biomechanics

Songning Zhang is the director of UT’s Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Laboratory. He is also a fellow of ACSM and has also served on the several committees of American College of Sports Medicine.

Lisa Reyes Mason

Assistant Professor

Lisa Reyes Mason has expertise in problems at the nexus of society and the environment, such as social vulnerability to environmental change, adaptation to climate change, water security and urban sustainability.

David Dupper

Professor of Social Work

David Dupper is a nationally renowned bullying expert and is interested in enhancing the educational success of students who are at-risk of school failure by focusing on factors that contribute to school exclusion.

Xueping Li

Associate Professor, Co-Director of Health Information Technology and Simulation (HITS) Lab

Xueping Li is an expert in computer simulation and modeling, particularly as it pertains to healthcare.

Shandra Forrest-Bank

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Shandra Forrest-Bank has expertise in the transition to adulthood, risk and resilience, positive youth development, and racial microaggression. Her main focus is understanding how poverty and racism are factors impacting young adult trajectories.

Uma Rao

Endowed Professor in Behavioral Health and Director of Children's Mental Health Services Research Center

Uma Rao is the director of the Children’s Mental Health Services Research Center and has been involved in mood and substance use disorders research for more than twenty years. Her primary areas of interest are adolescent depressive and substance-related disorders during the developmental transition to adulthood.

Zannatul Ferdous

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering

Zannatul Ferdous is helping change the face of medicine, particularly for heart patients, through her research into tissue engineering and valves.

Lane Morris

Skinner Professor of Management, Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs

Lane Morris specializes in human resources and can talk about performance management, leadership, and occupational stress as it relates to health and wellness creating a balance between work and home life.

Paul Erwin

Head of the Department of Public Health, Professor

Paul Erwin is an expert in preventive medicine and public health.