Health & Wellness Experts

J. Camille Hall

Associate Professor

Camille Hall, licensed clinical social worker in the United States Army and associate professor, has more than twenty years of experience in clinical social work practice and supervision.

Ashley Childers

Assistant Professor of Practice

Ashley Childers is a professor of practice in UT’s master of social work program and works in practice.

Robert Lieberthal

Robert Lieberthal

Assistant Professor of Public Health

Robert Lieberthal is an assistant professor in the department of public health. His research focuses on health economics with a particular emphasis on the efficiency and effectiveness of health insurance.

Laura S. Wheat

Assistant Professor

Laura S. Wheat is the director of the Grief Outreach Initiative, which serves children and adolescents in Knox County Schools. She has been involved in the field of grief and grief counseling since 2006.

Tami Bland

Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Tami Bland is the director of the pediatric nurse practitioner program in the College of Nursing. Her work and focus of research is primary care of children, particularly in school-based health centers.

Chris Elledge

Assistant Professor

Chris Elledge is an assistant professor in the psychology department. His research focuses on child aggression with a particular emphasis on developing interventions for aggressive and bullied children.

Joanne M. Hall


Joanne Hall is a registered nurse with a PhD in nursing and a bachelor’s of science in psychology and is an expert in the areas of substance use and misuse, stigmatized populations, racial microaggressions and health care, and recovery from interpersonal violence.

Marsha Spence

Associate Professor of Practice, Director Public Health Nutrition Graduate Program

Marsha Spence is a child obesity prevention researcher focused on improving childrens’ environments through parent engagement and outreach, positive youth development, and community-based participatory action research.

Grzanka photo

Patrick R. Grzanka

Assistant Professor

Patrick R. Grzanka is an assistant professor of psychology and affiliate faculty of the interdisciplinary programs in American studies and women, gender, and sexuality.

Subimal Datta

Professor of Psychology and Anesthesiology

Subimal Datta is a world-renowned expert in the neurobiology of sleep and cognitive neuroscience.