Energy Experts

John Zhanhu Guo

Associate Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering , Director of Integrated Composites Laboratory

John Zhanhu Guo is an expert in nanocomposites, particularly as they relate to energy, the environment and safety.

Joshua Fu

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Joshua Fu is an expert on climatic changes, air pollution and air quality, the impacts of extreme events on air, critical infrastructure, food, human health, land, and water, and transportation.

H. L. (Lee) Dodds Jr.

Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering

Lee Dodds is a world-renown expert on energy production and safety, with a particular expertise in nuclear energy.

David J. Keffer

Professor Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Adjunct Professor Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

David Keffer is an expert in computational sciences, particularly as they relate to materials research. He leads the Computational Materials Research Group. He also studies fuel cells and energy.

Tom Zawodzinski

Governor's Chair in Electrical Energy Conversion and Storage

Tom Zawodzinski is the Governor’s Chair in electrical energy conversion and storage whose research focuses on ways to make fuel cells and other energy storage technologies more durable over time, and ways to ensure that the cells function properly at high temperatures.

Yilu Liu

Governor's Chair for Power Grids

Yilu Liu is the Governor’s Chair for Power Grids as well as an electrical engineer specializing in smart-grid technologies in electrical power production and distribution.

Jason Hayward

UCOR Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering

Jason Hayward’s research focuses on radiation detection, radioactive cleanup, and nuclear nonproliferation work and development.

Alexei Sokolov

Governor's Chair for Polymer Science

Alexei Sokolov is the Governor’s Chair in Polymer Science focusing on experimental studies of soft matter in a range of topics, from glass transition and polymer dynamics to materials for clean energy technologies and biophysics.