Education Experts

Amy Broemmel

Amy Broemmel

Associate Professor of Literacy and Elementary Education, Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Department Head for Theory and Practice in Teacher Education

Amy Broemmel is an elementary and literacy teacher educator. She teaches literacy and general elementary education courses, and her work examines teacher leadership and the development of both preservice and inservice teachers.

Elizabeth MacTavish

Clinical Assistant Professor in STEM Education

Elizabeth MacTavish is a veteran middle school science teacher with 15 years in public schools including Knox County Schools.

Bob Kronick

Professor of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Director of University Assisted Community Schools

Bob Kronick is a professor of educational psychology and counseling who is best known for bringing health, community, and social services to children within their elementary schools through the University Assisted Community Schools program. 

Tom Beeson

FUTURE Program Coordinator

Tom Beeson is the program coordinator for FUTURE, which helps young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities make a successful transition from high school to adult life by providing career counseling and developing academic, vocational, and decision-making skills.

Judson Laughter

Assistant Professor of English Education

Judson Laughter is the advisor for the Track I English Education program. He teaches courses in middle grades English language arts methods.

David Cihak

Associate Professor

Cihak is an associate professor and program coordinator of the Special Education and Educational Technology Program at UT. His work regards remedying classroom-based problems associated with academic and social/behavioral problems of children and adolescents with severe disabilities and autism.

Jo Ann Cady

Associate Professor

Jo Ann Cady specializes in elementary and middle school mathematics education.

Sherry M. Bell

Professor of Special Education, Department Head of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education

Sherry M. Bell’s research interests include effective assessment and instructional practices, giftedness and learning disabilities, teacher education, and attribution theory.

David Dupper

Professor of Social Work

David Dupper is a nationally renowned bullying expert and is interested in enhancing the educational success of students who are at-risk of school failure by focusing on factors that contribute to school exclusion.

Sarah J. Hillyer

Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sports Studies, Director of the Center for Sport, Peace, and Society

Sarah Hillyer is the founding director of the UT Center for Sport, Peace, and Society. She is a professor who specializes in sport for development and peace, with a focus on women’s empowerment, local community development, and building global peace through sport-based initiatives.