Computer Science Experts

H. Lee Martin

Professor of Practice

Lee Martin is an expert in entrepreneurship, particularly as it applies to technology and trends in that field, and virtual reality.

Xueping Li

Associate Professor, Co-Director of Health Information Technology and Simulation (HITS) Lab

Xueping Li is an expert in computer simulation and modeling, particularly as it pertains to healthcare.

Joshua Fu

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Joshua Fu is an expert on climatic changes, air pollution and air quality, the impacts of extreme events on air, critical infrastructure, food, human health, land, and water, and transportation.

Mike Langston

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Mike Langston is an expert in the advancement of graph theoretical algorithms, high performance computing and genome-scale data analytics.

James S. Plank

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

James Plank is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science. His research focuses primarily on operating systems, storage systems, and fault-tolerant computing.

David J. Keffer

Professor Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Adjunct Professor Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

David Keffer is an expert in computational sciences, particularly as they relate to materials research. He leads the Computational Materials Research Group. He also studies fuel cells and energy.

Jinyuan (Stella) Sun

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Stella Sun is an assistant professor focusing on computer security and privacy, information assurance, trustworthy computing, wireless networks, and mobile computing.

Elbio Dagotto

Distinguished Professor of Physics

Elbio Dagotto is a distinguished professor at UT and a distinguished scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory studying transition metal oxides and the recently discovered iron arsenide materials.

John Drake

Research Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

John Drake uses advanced mathematics and analysis to come up with models of climate change.

Jack Dongarra

Jack Dongarra

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science

Jack Dongarra is an expert in high-performance computing and supercomputing and has been instrumental in developing standards for mathematical software packages that are widely accepted in computer and computational science for evaluating the performance of supercomputers.