Communication Experts

Michael Palenchar

Associate Professor of Public Relations, Managing Director of the Risk, Health, & Crisis Communication Research Unit, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Michael Palenchar’s research interests include risk and crisis communication, issues management, community awareness of emergency response protocols and manufacturing risks, community right-to-know issues, front groups, and social media during risk situations.

Mark Littmann

Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media, Hill Chair of Excellence in Science Writing, CCI Board of Visitors Professor

The director of a planetarium before turning to academia, Mark Littmann is a journalism professor whose expertise is in science writing and astronomy.

Rob Heller

Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media

Rob Heller, professor of journalism and electronic media, is an expert in photography and graphic design.

John Haas

Associate professor of communications studies

John Haas is an associate professor of communications studies whose areas of expertise include hate speech, public speaking, organizational communication, and interpersonal communication.

Nick Geidner

Nick Geidner

Associate Professor of Journalism

Nick Geidner is an assistant professor of journalism whose interests include social media, including how it is used in television and influences politics; new technologies in journalism; and military reporting, focusing on the Medal of Honor.

Courtney Childers

Associate Professor of Advertising

Courtney Childers is an associate professor of advertising with expertise in social media, food and beverage marketing to youth, and sexual imagery and gender roles in advertising.

Dania Bilal

Professor of Information Science

Dania Bilal is a professor of information science whose research focuses on how children seek and use information in information retrieval systems.

Elizabeth Avery Foster

Elizabeth Avery Foster

Associate Professor of Public Relations

Elizabeth Avery Foster, an associate professor of public relations, focuses on political and public health campaigns and crisis communications.

Suzie Allard

College of Communication and Information Associate Dean for Research, Director of the Center for Information & Communication Studies, Professor of Information Sciences

Suzie Allard is a professor of information science whose research focuses on how scientists and engineers use and communicate information.