Business Experts

William (Bill) Fox

Director of the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research, Chancellor's Professor, Boyd Professor of Business, Professor of Economics

Chancellor’s Professor Bill Fox is an expert in internet taxation, state tax policy, public finance and fiscal federalism and has been widely published in these areas.

Dan Flint

Regal Entertainment Group Professor of Business, Director of the Shopper Marketing Forum

Daniel Flint is the Regal Entertainment Group Professor of Business and Director of the Shopper Marketing Forum. He researches shopper marketing, brand management and storytelling, marketing strategy, sustainability and inter-organizational relationships.

Larry Fauver

James. F. Smith Jr. Professor of Financial Institutions, Neel Corporate Governance Center Research Fellow

Larry Fauver can talk about white-collar crime, firm performance, and corporate governance from a domestic and international perspective.

Lauren Dreher Cunningham

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Information Management

Lauren Dreher Cunningham can talk about audit and shareholder voting and US Securities and Exchange Commission disclosures.

T. Russell Crook

Associate Professor of Management

Russell Crook can talk about political activities of businesses, strategic human capital, supply chain ecosystems, and why some businesses perform better than others.

Cole Piper

Executive in Residence for Retail and Consumer Sciences

Cole Piper is the Retail Executive in Residence for the retail and consumer science major. His retail career spans thirty years with Proffitt’s Department stores.

Ann Fairhurst

Department Head, Professor of Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Management

Ann Fairhurst specializes in retailing as it relates to international ventures, local food distribution, and tourists’ purchasing behavior.

Bruce Behn

Deloitte LLP Professor of Business, Associate Dean for Graduate and Executive Education

Bruce Behn can discuss accounting, accounting education, internal control, performance management, cost control, and information management.

Chad Autry

William J. Taylor Professor of Supply Chain Management

Chad Autry can talk about demand and supply planning and forecasting, supply chain strategy and operations, retail supply and demand issues, and the future of business/supply chain management in light of emerging global trends and issues.