Biological Sciences Experts

Colleen Jonsson

NIMBioS Director, Professor of Microbiology

Colleen Jonsson is professor of microbiology and an expert in RNA viruses, including hantaviruses, influenza viruses, SARS CoV, and retroviruses.

Steven Wilhelm

Kenneth and Blaire Mossman Professor of Microbiology

Steven Wilhelm studies how microbial communities, including viruses, bacteria and algae, interact to shape the planet. His research group specializes in large lakes and open ocean field work and combines this with state-of-the-art molecular biology and laboratory studies.

Jeremy Smith

Governor's Chair in Molecular Biophysics

Jeremy Smith is the Governor’s Chair in molecular biophysics and specializes in cross-disciplinary work in computational biology, biophysics, and chemistry.

Daniel Simberloff

Gore-Hunger Professor of Environmental Studies

Daniel Simberloff is one of the world’s leading experts on invasive species.

Frank Loeffler

Governor's Chair for Microbiology and Civil and Environmental Engineering

Loeffler is an environmental microbiologist whose research centers on discovering ways to clean the environment, counter the damage humans do to ecosystems, and improve environmental health.

Andrew Kramer

Professor of Anthropology and Associate Dean of Academic Personnel for the College of Arts and Sciences

Andrew Kramer is a paleoanthropologist and an expert in human evolution and the evolution/creationism debate, including Intelligent Design.

Terry Hazen

Governor's Chair for Environmental Biotechnology

Terry Hazen is the Governor’s Chair for environmental biotechnology and specializes in bioremediation and bioenergy.

Louis Gross

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Director of the Institute for Environmental Modeling (TIEM), Director Emeritus of the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS)

Louis Gross is professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and mathematics and director of the Institute for Environmental Modeling. His research focuses on computational and mathematical ecology.

Gary Sayler

Director of the Center for Environmental Biotechnology, Director of Joint Institute for Biological Sciences, Distinguished Professor of Microbiology

Gary Sayler has more than twenty-five years of experience in multidisciplinary laboratory and field environmental research and biodegradation of organic pollutants.

Neal Stewart

Director of the Tennessee Plant Research Center, Professor of Plant Sciences

Neal Stewart is the director of the Tennessee Plant Research Center. His research takes place at the interface between environmental biology, functional genomics, and biotechnology, with plants being at the core of his research.