Arts Experts

Mary Campbell

Assistant Professor of Art History

Mary Campbell is an assistant professor of American art history. An intellectual property lawyer as well as an art historian, her research focuses on the intersections of American visual and legal culture.

Marilyn Kallet

Nancy Moore Goslee Professor of English

Marilyn Kallet, Nancy Moore Goslee Professor of English, has published seventeen books and is an expert in poetry and healing, poetry and Jewish identity, and poetry and dreams.

Cat Shteynberg

Curator, Head of Web and Media for the McClung Museum of Natural History

Cat Shteynberg has worked for over ten years in curatorial, digital storytelling, social media, and research positions in major national archives and national and academic museums.

Ashley Maynor

Assistant Professor and Digital Humanities Librarian

Ashley Maynor’s research focuses on how communities commemorate and manage public tragedies, such as the Virginia Tech tragedy, and Boston Marathon bombing.

Chuck Maland

Bruce Professor of English, Chair, Cinema Studies Program

Chuck Maland is an expert in movies, including directors, film genres, and the relationship between movies and American culture.

Dorothy (Dottie) Habel

Professor of Art

Dorothy Habel is a professor of art whose research focuses on the architecture and city planning of papal Rome.

Beauvais Lyons

Chancellor's Professor, Professor of Art

Beauvais Lyons is an expert in printmaking, contemporary art, art parody, mock documentation, lithography, lithographic history, and art censorship issues.