Architecture & Design Experts

Tricia Stuth

Associate Professor of Architecture

Tricia Stuth is an associate professor of architecture. She focuses on the role of context in design, understanding its influence from culture and technology, politics and place.

David Matthews

Associate Dean of Facilities and Technology, Chair of Interior Design Program

David Matthews specializes in the use of technology in design education and design thinking.

Gale Fulton

Chair of the Landscape Architecture Program, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

Gale Fulton specializes in cultivating creative and ecological landscape practices that address problems faced by modern environmental designers and strategists.

Phillip Enquist

Governor's Chair for High Performance Energy Practices in Urban Environments

Phillip Enquist’s work in the US includes numerous planning strategies for leading universities, the Chicago Central Area Plan, the Millennium Park Master Plan in Chicago, and the District of Columbia Height Master Plan Modeling Analysis.

Mark DeKay

Professor of Architecture

Mark DeKay specializes in sustainable design theory and practice. His research seeks to help the profession create zero-carbon and plus-energy buildings and communities.

Thomas K. Davis

Thomas K. Davis

Associate Professor of Architecture

Thomas K. Davis’s primary interest is in addressing problems and opportunities in urban and architectural design, with an emphasis on transit-oriented development.

Brad Collett

Assistant Professor of Plant Sciences

Brad Collett specializes in landscape architecture, low-impact development, community planning and design, landscape design, landscape performance, sustainable design, and regional development.

Ryann Aoukar

Associate Professor of Industrial Design

Ryann Aoukar specializes in product and industrial design, furniture, lighting, and kitchen wares, 3D printing, milling, and other digital fabrication tools.

Katherine Ambroziak

Associate Professor of Architecture

Katherine Ambroziak’s research focuses on sensory perception and consciousness—how the designer and occupant interpret or interact with spaces, whether through action, emotion, or memory. Her work investigates theories and practices related to these topics, especially as they apply to contemporary ritual and memorial design.

Brian Ambroziak

Associate Professor of Architecture

Brian Ambroziak’s research focuses on the development of the artistic conscience and the complex relationship between design and methods of representation and visualization.