Sean Lindsay

Astronomy Coordinator, Lecturer

215 Nielsen Physics and Astronomy
Phone: 865-974-2362

Sean Lindsay's primary research is on determining the mineralogy and relative abundances of dust species for the small bodies of the solar system to understand the origins and evolution of the solar system. He has developed various tools to reduce and analyze visible, near infrared, and thermal infrared spectroscopic data for a variety of instruments on ground and space-based observatories. He has also developed analysis tools to determine the silicate mineralogy of pyroxene and olivine-rich meteorites and asteroid surfaces spectral data.

His specific skills include spectral analysis of minerals in the near and thermal infrared, modeling the optical properties of minerals, and the interpretation of data to understand how our solar system initially formed and evolved to present day.

Topics of expertise: Astronomy, planetary science, radiative transfer, solar system origins and evolution, asteroids, comets

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