Michelle Brown

Associate Professor of Sociology

Phone: (865) 974-7018
E-mail: mbrow121@utk.edu

Departmental Website

Michelle Brown is an associate professor of sociology. Her research builds from field work in US prisons to address the causes and consequences of mass incarceration and capital punishment and develop social justice alternatives to US criminal justice. She also focuses upon popular understandings of crime and punishment in cultural discourse and the use of new media in organizing alternative justice movements. Her work has appeared in American Quarterly; Crime, Media, Culture; Theoretical Criminology; The British Journal of Criminology; and Punishment & Society. She is the author of The Culture of Punishment: Prison, Society, & Spectacle (NYUP, 2009); co-author of Criminology Goes to the Movies (NYUP, 2011); and co-editor of the forthcoming Routledge International Handbook of Visual Criminology (2016); Media Representations of September 11 (Praeger, 2003); and the journal Crime, Media, Culture.

Topics of expertise: Mass incarceration, capital punishment, law and society, alternative justice, visual criminology

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