Marcy Jan Souza

Associate Professor and Director of Veterinary Public Health

A205 Veterinary Medical Center, 2407 River Drive
Phone: 865-974-5576

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Marcy Jan Souza is an associate professor of biomedical and diagnostic sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine. She teaches courses on wildlife disease, multispecies medicine, infectious diseases, and zoonoses and food hygiene.

Topics of expertise: zoonotic and infectious diseases of exotic pets and wildlife; avian and zoological medicine; medications in exotic species

Media coverage: 

The Knoxville City Council passed an ordinance that authorizes a spay and release program for captured stray cats—a move that will bring Knoxville in line with other major cities in the state and help shrink the city’s stray cat population, according to supporters. News Sentinel, Tyler Whetstone, Dec. 18; WBIR, Dec. 18

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