Madhu Dhar

Research Assistant Professor of Large Animal Clinical Sciences

Phone: 865-974-7377

Departmental Website

Madhu Dhar established the Laboratory of Regenerative Medicine in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences. She is the principal investigator leading this laboratory, which is involved in basic and clinical research of cell-based therapies. The laboratory provides molecularly and cellularly characterized adult mesenchymal stem cells to the clinic. She holds grants through the Morris Animal Foundation and the Physician's Medical, Educational, and Research Foundation to support stem cells work. Her research interests include isolation and characterization of adult stem cells in horses and other production animals, goat, and sheep. She also collaborates with faculty from UT's Department of Materials Science and Engineering and from the University of Arkansas's Nanotechnology Center investigating the interaction between equine and caprine adult stem cells with scaffolds engineered for bone and cartilage regeneration. Topics of expertise: Diabetes and stem cells