Joshua Emery

Assistant Professor in Earth and Planetary Sciences

Phone: 865-974-8039

Departmental Website

Josh Emery is an expert in astronomy, particularly that of our own solar system. His research focuses on understanding surface compositions of bodies throughout the solar system, with an emphasis on ices (e.g., water ice, carbon dioxide ice, methane ice) and complex organic material.

He is on the science team of NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission, which is due to launch in September 2016, to send a robotic spacecraft to an asteroid and bring back a sample.

Emery has published research spanning the solar system from the innermost planet, Mercury, to one of the most distant Kuiper Belt objects, Sedna, and most groups of objects in between. He also has a keen interest in the formation of planetary systems around other stars. He regularly uses telescopes all over the world and a few in space, and has been involved in several of NASA's robotic spacecraft missions to explore the solar system.

Topics of expertise: Comets, asteroids, astronomy, solar system, telescopes, spacecraft, space exploration, planets

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