John Zhanhu Guo

Associate Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering , Director of Integrated Composites Laboratory

Phone: 865-974-2933

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John Zhanhu Guo is an Associate Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His current research interests are in the areas of optical, electric, magnetic and dielectric materials for flame retardancy, microwave absorption, catalysis, sensing, nano-kinetics, and electronics. Guo earned his Ph.D degree in chemical engineering from Louisiana State University in 2005. He received his three-year postdoctoral training in mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of California Los Angeles. Guo directs the Integrated Composites Laboratory and Chairs the Composite Division of American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The current laboratory focuses on the fundamental studies behind the multifunctional nanocomposites for energy harvesting, environmental remediation, etc.

Topics of expertise:Multifunctional nanocomposites, Polymer nanocomposites, carbon nanocomposites, energy storage, environmental remediation, electromagnetic wave interference shielding, etc.