Elizabeth Avery Foster

Associate Professor of Public Relations

Phone: 865-974-8157
E-mail: ejavery@utk.edu

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Elizabeth Avery Foster, an associate professor of public relations, focuses on political and public health campaigns and crisis communications. She also served as managing director of the Risk, Health, and Crisis Communication Organized Research Unit in the College of Communication and Information. Foster received her doctorate in mass communication from the University of Georgia after getting a master’s in communication at Wake Forest University. Prior to coming to UT, Foster served as campaign manager for a mayoral candidate in Athens, Georgia, and worked as a public education specialist for a county recycling operation in Georgia. She also worked on a Centers for Disease Control grant establishing the Southern Center on Communication, Health, and Poverty at the University of Georgia.

Topics of expertise: Public relations and advertising in political and public health campaigns, public health interventions, health crisis, vaccination, negative advertising, young voters, and crisis communication