Devon Burr

Associate Professor

Phone: 865-974-6010

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Devon Burr is an associate professor of earth and planetary sciences. Her research interests include two distinct but related areas of planetary geology. She studies surface geology (or geomorphology) of planetary bodies like Mars, Titan, and the icy moons in the outer solar system. In this work, she uses images, topography, and other remote sensing data to infer the processes that created planetary landscapes. She researches places on earth that might have past or present geological, environmental, or biological conditions similar to those of a planetary body. Burr also explores how wind moves sediment on other bodies by using wind tunnels that allow for the simulation of the pressure, density, or fluid flow of extraterrestrial atmospheres or exospheres. The wind tunnels, located at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, include the Mars Surface Wind Tunnel and the Titan Wind Tunnel.

Topics of expertise: planetary geology, geomorphology, wind tunnel experiments

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