Alexei Sokolov

Governor's Chair for Polymer Science

Phone: 865-974-3852

Departmental Website

Alexei Sokolov is the Governor's Chair in polymer science and holds appointments in the Department of Chemistry and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Division of Chemical Sciences. His research is focused on experimental studies of soft matter covering a broad range of topics from glass transition and polymer dynamics to materials for clean energy technologies and biophysics. Sokolov's work in polymers involves fabricating large molecules atom by atom in an effort to control their properties and create substances with useful characteristics. His work has implications for the development of fuel-cell technology and other alternative energy applications. Topics of expertise: Dynamics of disordered materials; glass transition; spectroscopies of disordered materials (including glasses, polymers, liquids and disordered crystals); and the dynamics and functions of biological macromolecules

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