Veterinary Medicine Experts

Elizabeth Strand

Associate Clinical Professor of Social Work, Director of Veterinary Social Work

Elizabeth Strand is the founding director of Veterinary Social Work whose interests include the link between human and animal violence, animals in family systems, the scholarly and practice development of veterinary social work as a sub-specialty of social work practice, communication skills, conflict resolution, and mediation and stress management techniques in animal welfare environments.

Darryl Millis

Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Director of Surgical Service

Dr. Darryl Millis is a professor of orthopedic surgery and director of the CARES Center for Veterinary Sports Medicine.

Madhu Dhar

Research Assistant Professor of Large Animal Clinical Sciences

Madhu Dhar uses mouse models of obesity to study human diabetes.

Steve Adair

Associate Professor of Equine Surgery

Dr. Steve Adair is a board-certified veterinary surgeon specializing in equine surgery.