Transportation Experts

Mark Burton

Director of Transportation Economics, Research Associate Professor

Mark Burton is the director of transportation economics at UT’s Center for Transportation Research. He researches transportation planning for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, including evaluation of surface and air freight transportation facilities and operations throughout the state.

Larry Bray

Research Professor

Larry Bray is a research professor of economics with expertise in economic development models, inland waterways, and lock and dam infrastructure.

Joshua Fu

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Joshua Fu is an expert on climatic changes, air pollution and air quality, the impacts of extreme events on air, critical infrastructure, food, human health, land, and water, and transportation.

Tyler Kress

Adjunct Professor

Tyler Kress uses safety, engineering, and medical methodologies to analyze injuries and accidents, vehicular safety and design, product liability, and occupational disorders.

Mary Holcomb

Gerald T. Niedert Supply Chain Fellow, Center for Transportation Faculty Fellow

Mary Holcomb’s research interests focus on two related areas of strategic logistics and supply chain management: process design and metrics. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Business Logistics, Transportation Journal, and Supply Chain Management Review.

Asad Khattak

Beaman Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Asad J. Khattak is a foremost expert on transportation, transit, and safety related to both. He is Transportation Program Coordinator and serves with the Center for Transportation Research. He recently established the Initiative for Sustainable Mobility.

Peter Solies

Academic Program Coordinator in Aviation Systems, Clinical Associate Professor in Mechanical Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering, UT Space Institute

Peter Solies is a leading authority on flight, the future of flight, and the advancement of flight vehicle technology.

David "Butch" Irick

David “Butch” Irick

Research Associate Professor of Mechanical Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering

David “Butch” Irick focuses his research on alternate forms of transportation, fuels, and engines, as well as being the faculty sponsor of the university’s EcoCar program.

Lee Han

Lee Han

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lee Han uses data, modeling and simulation to study traffic, transportation, and emergency response systems.

David Clarke

David Clarke

Director of the Center for Transportation Research, Director of the Tennessee Transportation Assistance Program, Research Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

David Clarke is a nationally recognized expert on transportation issues, especially those pertaining to rail or freight.