Sustainability Experts

Lisa Reyes Mason

Lisa Reyes Mason

Assistant Professor

Lisa Reyes Mason has expertise in problems at the nexus of society and the environment, such as social vulnerability to environmental change, adaptation to climate change, water security and urban sustainability.

Catherine Wilt

Director of the Center for Clean Products

Catherine Wilt has expertise in research and testimony involving public policy in regard to sanitation and pollution issues, and is considered an expert on recycling and clean environment efforts.

Rapinder “Rupy” Sawhney

Heath Fellow in Business and Engineering Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Rapinder “Rupy” Sawhney is the Heath Fellow in Business and Engineering and a professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering whose research focuses on lean manufacturing, or the idea of producing products with as little wasted time, energy and material as possible.

Arthur Ragauskas

Governor's Chair for Biorefining, Professor of Chemical Engineering

Arthur Ragauskas’s main research focus is on finding plant and natural materials for both fuel and power sources, with a secondary focus on finding ways of using plants and natural materials for use in health care and packing materials.

Stephen Paddison

Ferguson Faculty Fellow and Gibson Endowed Chair, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular and Engineering

Stephen Paddison is helping shape the future of alternative fuels through his research into fuel cells.

David "Butch" Irick

David “Butch” Irick

Research Associate Professor of Mechanical Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering

David “Butch” Irick focuses his research on alternate forms of transportation, fuels, and engines, as well as being the faculty sponsor of the university’s EcoCar program.

Suresh Babu

Sudarsanam Suresh Babu

Governor's Chair for Advanced Manufacturing

Sudarsanam Suresh Babu is the Governor’s Chair for Advanced Manufacturing and a materials scientist who explores the production, design, and performance of transforming materials into parts.

John Nolt

Professor of Philosophy, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Philosophy

John Nolt divides his teaching and research between logic and environmental ethics.