Microbiology Experts

Steven Wilhelm

Kenneth and Blaire Mossman Professor of Microbiology

Steven Wilhelm studies how microbial communities, including viruses, bacteria and algae, interact to shape the planet. His research group specializes in large lakes and open ocean field work and combines this with state-of-the-art molecular biology and laboratory studies.

Frank Loeffler

Governor's Chair for Microbiology and Civil and Environmental Engineering

Loeffler is an environmental microbiologist whose research centers on discovering ways to clean the environment, counter the damage humans do to ecosystems, and improve environmental health.

Gary Sayler

Director of the Center for Environmental Biotechnology, Director of Joint Institute for Biological Sciences, Distinguished Professor of Microbiology

Gary Sayler has more than twenty-five years of experience in multidisciplinary laboratory and field environmental research and biodegradation of organic pollutants.