Geology Experts

Devon Burr

Associate Professor

Devon Burr is an associate professor of earth and planetary sciences who studies surface geology of planetary bodies like Mars, Titan, and the icy moons in the outer solar system through the use of images, topography, and other remote sensing data to infer the processes. She also explores how wind moves sediment on other bodies by using wind tunnels that allow for the simulation of the pressure, density, or fluid flow of extraterrestrial atmospheres or exospheres.

Linda C. Kah

Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Linda Kah combines field work, rock textures, and geochemistry of some of the Earth’s earliest rocks to explore the evolution of Earth’s oceans and the role of microbial life. She is also a co-investigator on the Mars Curiosity rover mission, and is responsible for interpreting depositional environments of Martian rocks.

Robert Hatcher

Robert Hatcher

Distinguished Scientist, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Bob Hatcher is a distinguished scientist and professor of earth and planetary sciences. He is an expert in geology, earthquakes, landslides, and other geological events in Appalachia and the Southeast.

Annette Engel

Jones Associate Professor of Aqueous Geochemistry

Annette Engel works to understand the nature and extent of microbial activities in geochemical reactions that involve aqueous solutions and geological materials through time.

Jeff Moersch

Jeff Moersch

Professor of Planetary Science

Jeff Moersch is a professor of planetary science whose research focuses on planetary geology and creating new technology for remote sensing.