Climate Change Experts

Liem Tran

Associate Professor

Liem Tran is an environmental geographer and GIS/geospatial analyst. His primary research interests include integrated regional vulnerability assessment and the use of artificial intelligence in geographic analysis and modeling.

Henri D. Grissino-Mayer


Henri Grissino-Mayer is a professor of geography and director of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Science. He uses dendrochronology, the science of tree rings, to learn about the past environment.

Lisa Reyes Mason

Assistant Professor

Lisa Reyes Mason has expertise in problems at the nexus of society and the environment, such as social vulnerability to environmental change, adaptation to climate change, water security and urban sustainability.

Joshua Fu

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Joshua Fu is an expert on climatic changes, air pollution and air quality, the impacts of extreme events on air, critical infrastructure, food, human health, land, and water, and transportation.

John Drake

Research Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

John Drake uses advanced mathematics and analysis to come up with models of climate change.

John Nolt

Professor of Philosophy, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Philosophy

John Nolt divides his teaching and research between logic and environmental ethics.