Experts Guide

Daylight Saving Time

Lighter mornings and darker evenings will begin Sunday, November 1, when clocks turn back one hour to mark the end of daylight saving time.

dattaSubimal Datta, professor of psychology, notes that contrary to popular belief, Daylight Saving Time doesn’t work well when it comes to giving people an extra hour of sleep. It might give people a psychological boost the first day or week. But the potential benefits are nullified thereafter because people begin delaying their sleep time, which cancels out the advantage. “Physiologically, it doesn’t work in the end.” Read more.

National Debt Ceiling

Murray_MatthewEconomist and debt ceiling expert Matthew Murray serves as director of the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy and associate director of the Center for Business and Economic Research. Murray coordinates research in the areas of energy and environmental policy at the Baker Center. In CBER, his work includes economic forecasting for the state, revenue forecasting for the Department of Transportation, and special projects related to state fiscal policy and economic development. His academic research focuses on state tax policy and tax compliance. Read more.

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Social schedules expand during the holiday but waistlines don’t have to!

lee-murphy-headshot1Lee Murphy, award-winning dietician and instructor in the Department of Nutrition, can offer tips to survive the holiday season. Murphy has expertise in pediatric nutrition, diabetes management, weight loss, sports-specific training, food intolerances and allergies, disease prevention, and wellness and nutrition education. Read more.

Tips for Crafting a Killer Personal Essay

Writing an admissions essay that is creative, genuine, and memorable is a daunting task for high school seniors applying to college. This is the first year UT is requiring incoming freshman to submit personal essays as a part of their application.

Stephanie_KitStephanie Kit, interim director of the Center for Career Development, is an expert in career development and resume writing. In a recent Tennessee Today story, Kit offered tips and tricks for taking essays to the next level. Read more.

Use of the Confederate Flag in Public Spaces

The use of the Confederate flag in public settings is making news once again in Greene County and at the University of Mississippi.  Two UT professors can discuss the flag’s use through history and its meaning in modern times.

Alderman_DerekDerek Alderman, head of the UT Department of Geography, is an expert in cultural and historical geography, specifically related to public memory, heritage tourism, the civil rights movement, and African-American history. Read more.

JoshuaInwoodJoshua Inwood, an associate professor of geography and Africana studies, is an expert on racism and violence. He can also address the significance and legacy of white supremacy in the United States, and how hidden white supremacy still creates structural inequalities in the country. Read more.

2016 Presidential Race

The 2016 presidential race is heating up as candidates join the fray and key issues shift.

07-37837-1_Anthony-NownesAnthony Nownes is a professor of political science whose research looks at lobbyists and interest groups at local, state, and national levels. His books include Interest Groups in American Politics: Pressure and Power, and Total Lobbying: What Lobbyists Want (and How They Try to Get It). “As always, interest groups will play a substantial role in this race, primarily by contributing money to candidates and forming super PACs,” Nownes said. Read more.