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Christopher OjedaIn Politics & Government: Christopher Ojeda‘s research focuses on the social and economic origins of political inequality, especially those rooted in childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood.

Megan BrysonIn Religion: Megan Bryson is an expert on the religions of China, including minority religions; East Asian Buddhism; gender and Asian religions; and Buddhism in the United States.

Tina ShepardsonTina Shepardson is a professor of early Christianity. She regularly lectures in the community on women, gender, and sexuality in Christianity; the politics of interpreting the Bible; and early Christian relations with Muslims and Jews.

Helene SinnreichHelene Sinnreich is an expert on the Holocaust and European Jewry. She researches Jewish experiences during the Holocaust, Jewish identity, sexual abuse and starvation in genocidal conditions and ghettos during the Holocaust.

Mark HulsetherMark Hulsether‘s writing and teaching explores the interplay among religion, culture, and society in US history.

Stefanie BenjaminIn Business: Stefanie Benjamin specializes in film-tourism research, social-cultural issues of tourism, sustainable tourism, and facilitates improvisational games to help improve communication, creativity, and listening skills.


William  (Bill) Fox, director of the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research, and Matt Murray, associate director of the Boyd Center, can discuss tax reform proposals.

Fox is an expert in internet taxation, state tax policy, public finance (operations between government and private sectors), and fiscal federalism. In addition to being a distinguished professor of business, he has served as a consultant on finance, taxation, and economic development in a number of states and developing countries.

Murray’s work at the Boyd Center includes economic forecasting for the state and TVA, revenue forecasting for the Department of Transportation, and special projects related to state fiscal policy and economic development. His academic research focuses on state and local tax policy, regional economic development, and tax compliance. He also serves as the director of the Howard H. Baker Center for Public Policy.

Contact Lydia McCoy at 865-974-6086 or to arrange an interview with Fox or Murray.


Robert LieberthalRobert Lieberthal is an assistant professor in the department of public health. His research focuses on health economics with a particular emphasis on the efficiency and effectiveness of health insurance.

He can speak about what the proposed Affordable Care Act changes would mean for health insurance markets, especially in Tennessee; how the rate of uninsured might change, especially in Tennessee; and how the burden of premiums and out of pocket costs would change for individuals.

He is the author of “What is Health Insurance (Good) For? An Examination of Who Gets It, Who Pays for It, and How to Improve It.” Read more.

North Korea

North Korea’s growing nuclear weapons program and recent missile tests have heightened tensions between the East Asian nation and the United States. Are we careening toward a clash?

“Conditions have changed a bit as the rhetoric between Kim Jong-un and President Trump has escalated. I don’t necessarily think our options to deal with North Korea have changed all that much, but it is conceivable that missteps could pull us into violent conflict with the North Koreans,” said Brandon Prins, a UT professor of political science who studies international relations. Read more.